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The Fairgrounds- An ED Support Community
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this community is for people who struggle with eating disorders, whether that be anorexia, bulimia, EDNOS, BED, COE, etc. it is also for people who are in recovery or who are recovered. this is a place where a person at any stage in their ED is welcome. we can all provide support to each other and hold discussions on whatever we want; anything goes.


1.) don't be an asshole. we all have enough going on in our lives and don't need the hassle of internets drama. speak your mind, but don't harass/attack/insult others. this is a friendly and accepting community.

2.) while anyone is encouraged to join, please don't post tipz. people shouldn't be taught how to further abuse their bodies.

3.) put all ED numbers behind a cut as a courtesy to your fellow members.

4.) have fun!